The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Teases A Big Character Return That Will Solve Crucial Mickey Mysteries

A tease related to a character’s potential return puts The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 in a position to resolve some crucial mysteries to Mickey’s past. The main focus in Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer is Mickey’s clients and their cases, but the personal history of its protagonist could soon be of great relevance to the show’s narrative. The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 tells the story of The Fifth Witnesswhich sees Mickey defending chef Lisa Trammel, who is accused of murdering Mitchell Bondurant.

throughout The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey has reflected on significant figures from his past, such as his father, but these stories are typically related to his law career. Mickey’s messy relationship with Lisa Trammel has led to conversations that create huge implications for what territory the show might explore next. In fact, if season 2’s hints are any indication, a major character may be on their way back to the show, bringing along answers to a few pressing questions.

The Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller Office

When it comes to Mickey Haller’s parents, a spotlight is given to Mickey’s lawyer father, but his mother, Elena, has rarely been given much attention. That changed in season 2 when Lisa mentions that she has a “complicated” relationship with her mother, prompting Mickey to respond that it’s the same for him. since The Lincoln Lawyer tends to focus more on Mickey’s relationship and memories of his father, this comment provides a rare insight into Mickey’s relationship with Elena, both past and present.

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Outside a previous flashback to Mickey’s childhood, Mickey’s history with Elena has been largely unseen, making it a huge, lingering mystery in The Lincoln Lawyer. However, the fact that Angelica Maria has been cast to play Elena in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 makes it all the more likely these questions about Mickey’s early life will be answered in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 2. Considering so little is known about Mickey’s childhood between his father’s death and Mickey becoming a lawyer, Elena’s inevitable appearance in will undoubtedly feature some of the biggest reveals of the season.

What Elena’s Return Means For Uncovering Mickey’s Past In The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

mickey the lincoln lawyer

Details of Mickey’s past tend to be related to his adult life, but Elena’s return in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be crucial to uncovering Mickey’s origins. Information about various events in Mickey’s childhood has been light thus far, including the time spent between Mexico and California and his parents’ divorce. Elena’s response, though, could provide a great deal of insight into these periods since she raised him. A major reveal would be what led to Mickey and Elena’s strained relationship, potentially giving insights into his other relationships as well. It’s difficult to know what to expect from Elena’s return in The Lincoln Lawyer; she could hold the key to some of the most informative discoveries about Mickey so far in the show.

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