LS Law News Law firm representing the Frisco Fair releases letters asking the city to reopen the fair

Law firm representing the Frisco Fair releases letters asking the city to reopen the fair

FRISCO ( – McDonald Sanders, the law firm representing Talley Amusements and the Frisco Fair, has released a letter asking to appeal the revocation of the permit of the fair. Frisco Fresh Market is also appealing for a revocation.

On April 29, one day after the fair began, an incidents occurred that required the response of 26 police officers. On May 1, the city revoked the special event permit for the fair due to public safety concerns.

The letter cites ongoing problems in Frisco contributing to the closure, even saying “the same problems” happen at nearby Stonebriar Mall.

“The problems that occurred were not in any way the fault of Talley,” the letter says. “The issues with juveniles causing public chaos with disruptive behavior in Frisco are not new.”

The letter says had the security action plan been followed, the problems that happened on April 29 would have been solved and that Talley has attempted to contact city staff to propose a “more robust security plan.”

“There was no call to evaluate security and take measures to remedy any problems,” the letter said. “There was no consideration of any event time change. There was just a unilateral decision to revoke the Permit.”

Although Frisco police reported the fair was “very crowded,” the letter says the attendance of the fair was within the occupancy levels set by the Frisco Fire Department.

The letter also said that reports made by the media stated that the emergency exits weren’t open and that the emergency exits were locked only after the fair was closed.

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney made comments on social media that Talley “was not willing to meet [Frisco’s] expectations,” but Talley says they have “met or exceeded every expectation of Frisco since the first Frisco Fair in 2019.”

“Talley made significant investments and incurred considerable expenses to bring the Fair to Frisco, including a payroll of over $80,000 per week,” the letter says. “Talley followed every requirement of Frisco.”

Talley says reopening the fair before the weekend would prevent significant monetary and reputational damages.

The fair was set to take place between April 28 and May 14.