Ken Paxton: What comes next after Texas House votes to impeach?

We are still waiting to hear when a trial will take place in the Senate now that the House of Representatives voted to impeach State Attorney General Ken Paxton

AUSTIN, Texas — Now that the Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton on 20 articles, including bribery and abuse of public trust, Paxton has been temporarily suspended from his role. It could be permanent if two-thirds of the Senate vote to convict him.

Even if Paxton is not removed, white collar crime expert Stephen Toland said Paxton could potentially face other consequences.

“Even if a two-thirds majority did not vote to impeach Attorney General Paxton, it would be highly unusual then for that investigative body to not hand over that information to a district attorney’s office to pursue criminal charges,” Toland said.

The regular legislative session will end on Monday, but Toland said Lt. Gov Dan Patrick has the power to make lawmakers come back to Austin for Paxton’s trial.

“If he’s impeached, obviously he could lose his law license depending not just as a result of the impeachment, but if criminal charges are filed and he’s found guilty of these charges, he could lose his law license,” Toland said.

House Democratic State Rep. James Talarico of Round Rock was one of the 13 Central Texas lawmakers who voted to impeach Paxton. He said the 121-23 vote to impeach this top official is giving him a new perspective.

“It’s a little surprising that Democrats and Republicans found common ground in holding this corrupt public official accountable, and that gives me hope for the future and stability of our democracy,” Talarico said.

Paxton has called the chamber’s investigation corrupt.

He is the third sitting official in the state’s history to be impeached.

The trial has yet to be scheduled. The Senate will set its own trial rules when it comes to taking witness testimony and what documents and reports to consider.

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