Gavin Newsom Points Out Greg Abbott’s Brutal Self-Own On Gun Violence

California Gov. Gavin Newsom went after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for “conveniently” not bringing up Texas’ gun death rate in his attempt to scold California over gun control laws on Sunday.

Abbott, who appeared on Fox News in the wake of this weekend’s deadly shooting at a Dallas-area outlet mall, argued that gun violence impacts states with both eased and stricter gun laws before taking a swipe at California.

“I think that the state in which the largest number of victims occurred this year is in California, where they have very tough gun laws,” Abbott said.

Newsom, in response to the interview, criticized Abbott for “conveniently” leaving out that Texas’ gun death rate is 73% higher than California.

″[He] accidentally points to exactly why we need federal gun safety laws,” Newsom added.

California has an “A” grade on an annual gun law scorecard and ranks highest among all 50 states for gun law strength, according to Giffords Law Center.

The state also ranks toward the bottom of the state when it comes to its gun death rate, coming in at 9 deaths due to guns per 100,000 people, the center noted as it cited the most recent data on gun death rates from the CDC.

Texas, in comparison, received an “F” grade on its scorecard and ranked 27th out of 50 states with its gun death rate of 15.6 deaths per 100,000 people.

Saturday’s mass shooting in Allen, Texas joined a list of over 200 mass shootings in America this year, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive.

There have been 14,780 people who have died this year due to gun violence in the US, the site noted.

Newsom, in a tweet on Saturdayasked whether the shooting was “freedom” as he called on Congress to take action.

“To be shot at a mall? Shot at school? Shot at church? Shot at the movies? We have become a nation that is more focused on the right to kill than the right to live,” he wrote in a tweet.

“This is not what the American people want. Do your damn job, Congressman.”

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