LS Case Lawyer Ex-Producer Settles With Fox News for $12M

Ex-Producer Settles With Fox News for $12M

Fox News and a former producer have settled a lawsuit over allegations of an “overtly misogynistic” work environment, a move that will cost the network $12 million but avoid public testimony about its culture. Abby Grossberg had said she faced sexist and antisemitic remarks and sexual harassment at Fox, including during her tenure on Tucker Carlson’s show, per Axios. She issued a statement Friday saying that while she stands by those allegations, she’s hopeful after discussions with Fox that “this resolution represents a positive step by the network regarding its treatment of women and minorities in the workplace.”

Grossberg also had sued Fox over the Dominion case, saying Fox lawyers had coached her to provide false testimony before she was scheduled to give a deposition in the company’s defamation lawsuit. She’s already dropped that suit but agreed not to refile it as part of this week’s settlement, per the Washington Post. Some Fox employees had denied allegations of sexism, and Carlson said he had never met Grossberg. Certain audio recordings Grossberg made while at Fox were played in court during the Dominion proceedings. Axios points out that Grossberg’s lawyers have said she has more. (Read more Fox News stories.)