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Plagiarism is a well-known term in academia and on the internet. It is considered very unethical and depending on which country or institution you are in, it can cause varying damage to your life and reputation.

Plagiarism is a term that is often confused with copyright infringement for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. Plagiarism is a term that means copying or duplicating someone else’s ideas or work and claiming or presenting it as one’s own.

On the other hand, copyright infringement is the unauthorized or unlicensed copying of someone’s work, which is illegal in most countries and is listed in law rules and can cause serious consequences.

Moreover, plagiarism isn’t directly mentioned in any law but is considered very bad, and the accuser can face serious consequences.

Plagiarism and its Consequences

As mentioned above, plagiarism is copying someone’s work citing or giving proper credit to the original source. If you are not giving credit, you are trying to present a particular work or idea as yours which is unethical and not acceptable.

Plagiarism is mostly text-based, and it is popular in academia. Here are short bullet points discussing all aspects of plagiarism:

  • Plagiarism is not illegal, it is considered a violation of academic norms.
  • It is an offense where the author is accused.
  • Plagiarism is applied when ideas are stolen or copied
  • Plagiarism is avoided by giving proper credit.

Plagiarism has many consequences. In terms of academia, you may end up failing in particular subjects, and you may even get dropped out of the institution. Outside, if you are accused of plagiarism in your job, it can affect your reputation and prospects, and you may get fired.

How to Check If Your Text Contains Plagiarism?

Writing can be hectic when you run out of ideas, or you are too exhausted for other reasons, and you want to complete your work in no time without using much energy. In these cases, intentional plagiarism occurs. You do not have to detect such plagiarism as you are much aware of it.

However, plagiarism can occur unintentionally as well. Semantics and accidental plagiarism may appear, and you may not know about them. The best and easily accessible way to see whether your text contains traces of plagiarism or not is to use a plagiarism-detection tool present online.

Plagiarism checker is a tool where you can insert your text by typing, uploading your document, or copying/pasting the content. This tool checks the input against millions of online web pages, scans your text, and highlights all the phrases, words, or sets of plagiarized words.

Here is a step-by-step demonstration to help you understand how a plagiarism checker works. We have used as an example:

Step 1: Open the plagiarism checker

Step 2: Put in the text you want to check

Step 3: Get results

You can see this tool highlights text and shows the percentage of how much the content is unique and how much is plagiarized. Also, you will see links to websites, blogs, or forums where similar text has been detected.

  • Tips on How to Avoid Plagiarism

Writing can be complex, and writing on specific topics you don’t have much knowledge about can lead you to commit plagiarism. Many ways can help you avoid plagiarism, and to help you out, here are specific tips you can follow to help you become a good writer, secure good grades, and increase your reputation in your workplace.

English or any other language can be mastered if you expose yourself more and practice everything you learn. The best thing you can do is read articles, watch videos, listen to music and understand how other people write and speak the language; try to adapt those ways by practicing it when you are working.

Have a dictionary with you, and whenever you find new words, you should look for their meaning and make sure to use them somewhere relevant to preserve them as a memory in the back of your head. Practicing regularly will eventually make you a great writer and help you in the long run.

People who have admirable experience in writing content can help you a lot. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from your colleagues (on the workplace) and the teachers whenever something you don’t understand appears.

Such experienced people will mentor you and answer your questions better than you may not find either way from other sources.

Whether you are writing about a known topic or something you do not know about anything, it is always better to see what other people have written about the same topic.

You can get inspired by people and try to write like them. You can search the topic on Google, which will come up with many written articles. Read, be inspired by them, and write in your own words.

Paraphrasing is widely used to avoid hindrances like writer’s block when writing a copy. It is a method of rewriting a text into new words without significantly changing the idea of ​​the text.

Paraphrasing has many techniques, and it is done manually and using automatic tools. Yes, there are tools present online that can help you paraphrase any type of content in minutes. If you are unaware of what the paraphrasing tool is, you can search it up, and you will find hundreds of websites offering this tool.

However, there are two types of paraphrasers. One type only changes synonyms in the text, making content plagiarism free but unreadable and of no use. The other type of paraphrase tools powered with AI is beneficial for you because they make structural changes, reduce or increase text length, and ensure the output text is plagiarism free, compelling, and readable. The paraphraser can help you a lot in the long run. There are many reputable AI-based rephrasers available, like, that you can use.

Final Words

Plagiarism is a severe offense and can lead to many consequences. So as a writer or student, you need to make sure that you check your content through a plagiarism checker and remove any traces present before presenting or uploading your content for readers.


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