Fox News Apologizes to Judge in Dominion Defamation Case, Report Says

Fox News has reportedly issued a formal apology to the judge in the Dominion defamation case after he called the network out this week for misrepresenting Rupert Murdoch’s role. In a letter dated Friday, an attorney for Fox News said the network took responsibility for the “misunderstanding” that led the judge to announce plans for an investigation into whether the network was held with evidence, according to CNN. The controversy stems from Fox lawyers repeatedly telling the court Murdoch didn’t have an official title at Fox News, before later admitting he’s actually an executive officer—a distinction that can affect what Fox is required to turn over as part of the discovery process. According to CNN, attorney Blake Rohrbacher told the judge that Fox “never intended to omit information” and that its claims about Murdoch’s role were “not meant to mislead the Court or evade the question.” The apology from Fox comes just ahead of the trial’s opening on Monday.

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