Comprehensive mental evaluation of possible suspects in the deadly South Bay crime spree: Legal analyst

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — Three people were killed and another three were injured in a string of crimes across the South Bay on Thursday afternoon.

The crime spree spanned five scenes across San Jose and Milpitas. A man is in custody, accused of several stabbings, car-jackings, and having intentionally hit and killed two pedestrians.

SJPD gave an update on Friday in a joint press conference with San Jose Major Matt Mahan and the Milpitas Police Department.

VIDEO: Police give investigation update on Thursday’s deadly South Bay killing spree

The suspect, 31-year-old Kevin Parkourana, faces multiple counts of homicide and is suspected of being solely responsible for the series of incidents. Police revealed that Parkourana was on active probation and had a long criminal history. The police also stated that the suspect did not target the victims and these were random acts of violence. No motive was given.

SJPD says the deadly crime spree started in San Jose at 3 pm and ended with the man’s arrest in Milpitas after 6:15 pm

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ABC7 News connected with legal analyst Steven Clark who said the first order of business would likely be a comprehensive mental evaluation of the suspect because of the random, brazen nature of the attacks.

“Certainly, everyone is looking to see if there is a motive other than just a brazen random attack on members of our community,” he told ABC7 News.

Following the carjacking and stabbing off Kooser and Blossom Hill Roads, where one victim sustained life-threatening injuries, police believe the suspect then went to a shopping center off Hillsdale and attempted to carjack a second vehicle. Another person was stabbed in that incident and also suffered life-threatening injuries.

In the suspect’s attempt to get away, the police said he then hit a person in the center’s parking lot. The victim involved is said to be okay.

SJPD said the suspect was then spotted near the intersection of Santa Clara and 16th Streets a short time later.

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“During that incident, the suspect appeared to have intentionally rammed two individuals, striking two pedestrians ultimately causing them life-threatening injuries,” SJPD Officer Steve Aponte told reporters on Thursday. “As of right now both of those pedestrians have succumbed to those injuries.”

Then at 4:30 pm, Milpitas Police were called to a stabbing near the Smart and Final on Jacklin Road. The crime spree ended with the suspect being arrested by Milpitas Police in a residential neighborhood.

Legal Analyst Clark weighed in on the deadly crime spree which spanned five different scenes and two cities. He admitted the magnitude of the case, which included various types of crimes, may present some challenges for law enforcement.

He said the District Attorney’s Office would need to focus on trying to keep the suspect in custody as the case unfolds.

For the defense, Clark explained, “You want to try to develop a rapport with the client, understand whether there’s some mental health issue that needs to be addressed immediately.”

The last reported victim was killed in a parking lot of the Smart and Final on Jacklin Road, which is located in the same neighborhood where Milpitas Mayor Carmen Montano grew up.

The major shared her shock Friday morning.

“It happened to that person, just on a normal day, normal circumstances,” Major Montano said. “You’re shopping, and then all of a sudden you get attacked and your life is threatened. Someone wants to take your car and stabs you. It’s crazy. I mean, it’s unheard of.”

Major Montano said she hasn’t learned who the victim is yet, but that the Smart and Final is typically only frequented by Milpitas residents.

“This shouldn’t happen,” she said. “Public safety is our number one priority in Milpitas and we’re going to keep it that way.”

Neighbors mourn the loss of a couple killed in the San Jose crime spree

Two communities are grieving after what some describe as a deadly rampage through Milpitas and San Jose Thursday afternoon leaving three dead and three others seriously injured.

Despite Parkourana being arrested on suspicion of a hate crime, his neighbors said they were shocked to learn he was the suspect in this violent night, saying he was suffering from mental health issues.

Friday, the community near the scene at 16th and Santa Clara dropped off flowers next to the scene where the two people were killed. The police are not releasing the names of the victims yet but a sign was signed, “your neighbors” and it read: “Rest in Peace Mr. and Mrs. Pham. We are praying for your family.”

“They were always so nice, saying hi,” Neighbor Genny Carranza said. “When I asked to pick lemons, they said take as many as you want. It was just sad, it was really sad. They didn’t deserve what happened to them.”

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