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Apostille for Study Abroad – The Legal Lock

If you intend to study abroad, you will need to jump through a lot of administrative hoops to make sure that your credentials are recognized by the Apostille Services in Bangalore. Getting an Apostille is one of the key procedures in this procedure.

An Apostille is a certification that authenticates the signature and seal of a public official on a document. It is issued by the government of the country where the document was prepared and is recognized as a legitimate alternative to notarization by other countries. Essentially, an Apostille verifies the authenticity of your documents and allows them to be used in other countries.

Why Do You Need an Apostille?

If you’re applying to study abroad, you’ll need to provide several documents, such as your diploma, transcript, and sometimes even your birth certificate, to the educational institution you’re applying to. However, these documents need to be verified to ensure that they are legitimate and not forged.

This is where an Apostille comes in. The Apostille provides a legal verification of the authenticity of your documents, making them valid and legally recognized in the country where you are planning to study.

How to Obtain an Apostille?

The following easy actions must be taken in order to receive an Apostille:

Determine which documents need to be apostilled in Step 1

Typically, documents that need an Apostille include diplomas, transcripts, and birth certificates. Check with your educational institution or the government office that issued the document to confirm which documents require an Apostille.

Step 2: Contact the relevant authorities

Once you have identified the documents that require an Apostille, contact the relevant authority in your country that issues an Apostille. The Secretary of State or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs typically fulfills this role.

Step 3: Submit the documents

Submit the documents that require an Apostille to the relevant authority, along with any required fees and supporting documents, such as identification or proof of residency.

Step 4: Wait for the Apostille to be issued

You must wait for the Apostille to be provided after you have turned in your paperwork and paid the necessary payments. This can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the processing times of the relevant authorities.

Step 5: Collect the Apostille

Once the Apostille has been issued, collect it from the relevant authority. The Apostille will be affixed to the original document, indicating that it has been verified and is valid for use in other countries.


Although getting an Apostille can be a lengthy and perhaps tedious procedure, it is a need if you want to study abroad. Make sure to identify the documents that require an Apostille, contact the relevant authority in your country, and submit the necessary documents and fees to obtain the Apostille. With an Apostille, you’ll be able to provide your educational institution abroad with the necessary documents to prove your qualifications, making your journey to study abroad much smoother.


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